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About Us

SweetPro's Supplements

SweetPro makes livestock supplements that help your horses, cattle and other animals stay healthier and grow stronger.

Using our lick blocks, top dressings and other products, adds key ingredients to your livestock's normal feed, to help their digestive systems perform the way that nature intended.

Our products feature fermentation feed ingredients that are rich in yeast, a prebiotic and volatile organic acids. These support overall digestion in horses, cattle and other livestock, for excellent feed efficiency.

Since 1991

SweetPro Feeds started production in 1991 and secured six patents between 1994 and 2004. We patented a new concept in non-molasses, free choice block supplementation which features Condensed Distiller Solubles.

In 2002, SweetPro developed the ProBiotein process. We've taken a leading position in helping to support animal health and performance by doing it naturally. We do this by maximizing nutrient utilization to foster better immune response and performance.

All SweetPro products are better because of balance. There is no single silver bullet in our supplements. We focus on balance and strategic blends. You, the producer, provide the bulk ingredients locally – the forage, the grains or other concentrates. We add the supplement that makes it all work better together.

ProBioteinThree Keys to SweetPro’s Success

Our supplements perform better because of:
1. Organic Complexed Minerals (generically called chelated)
2. ProBiotein (our proprietary blend additive)
3. Distillers Solubles and Distillers Dried Grains as a carrier

Organic Complexed Minerals

Our trace mineral program stresses organic complexes for maximum bioavailability. If minerals don’t get into the bloodstream, they’re going out the waste stream. Linking the metal ion to a protein or other organic carrier assures that the mineral has the best chance of being absorbed via digestive pathways. It’s also less likely to get tied up (complexed) with other substances which pass through undigested.

When metal ions are in the blood they can do their job providing building blocks for growth and better health. Immune function is enhanced and the animal has better tools to fight off sickness. Nothing cuts into profitability like sickness and nothing cuts down sickness like a good quality mineral program.


SweetPro’s ProBiotein consists of:
1. Prebiotic Oligosaccharide feeds the beneficial Probiotic Bacteria
2. Beta-glucan
3. Yeast cultured on a media of Wheat, Oats, Barley Malt & Flax

The ProBiotein blend is stabilized in a manner which optimizes enzymatic values and fermentation metabolites. ProBiotein also broadens the amino acid profile with multiple protein isolates.

Distillers Solubles and Distillers Dried Grains

All of SweetPro's vitamins and minerals are delivered in a patented solid carrier of distillers grains and solubles. Condensed Distillers Solubles are noted for their protein quality and complex carbohydrate energy values

Digestive support from our unique blend of yeast, a prebiotic, Beta-glucan, vitamins and minerals helps maintain animal health and reduces costs because feed is digested more efficiently.

University trials have demonstrated that SweetPro supports excellent feed efficiency. That’s unparalleled among lick blocks. It means you need less feed, or can handle more animals using the same forage area.

With SweetPro, keeping animals healthy has never been easier. SweetPro is high tech nutrition dispensed by a very simple, convenient lick block. Healthy animals net back more profit – period! And when animals get proper nutrients – in the right form – vaccines work better too.

Lick Blocks for Every Stage of Growth

How do SweetPro lick blocks differ from molasses blocks?

No molasses!

Fermented distillers feeds – Condensed Distillers Solubles (CDS) – are used instead of molasses. CDS have similar binding and aroma benefits, but they are much higher in protein and fat than molasses.

Protein from Safe Sources

SweetPro 16, Cattle Kandi and Starter contain only natural protein. FiberMate, Magnum and Dry Cow blocks have a mix of mostly natural protein along with Ammonium Sulfate which has a slow Nitrogen release. No Urea is used.

Our strong amino acid blend of corn, wheat, barley, oats and flax has a high rumen by-pass value, and helps provide more milk for demanding “growthy” calves. Also, calves licking the blocks get better protein for frame production, and replacement heifers get excellent intake of protein.

Energy and Digestibility

Energy in SweetPro lick blocks comes from complex carbohydrates, not simple sugars. So it supports resistance to digestive disruption, offers a high fat level to boost energy, along with yeast from fermentation to support digestion and feed efficiency.

Vitamins and Minerals

SweetPro is a leader in the use of organic trace elements. High bioavailability is assured and reduction of health problems are helped. SweetPro has the highest percentage of organic trace elements of any block in the U.S. and Canada.

SweetPro selects macro minerals for maximum performance, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and others. Our trace micro minerals include copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt and more.

A balanced blend of vitamins A, D and E with enhanced activity from fermented feeds is used in SweetPro’s patented lick block process.


Visit our Testimonials section for real success stories from livestock owners using SweetPro products.

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