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EquiPride Feeding Directions

  • For use as a top dress on the grain or just plain (not combined with other feed)
  • Feed 1 oz daily per 100 lbs of body weight which is 10 oz for a 1,000 lb horse
    One full Cup of the included scoop weighs 5 oz
  • Feeding may be increased 50 percent to 1.5 oz/cwt to support initial intake and performance.
  • Do not exceed 4 lbs/hd in one day.
  • It is okay to start without changing anything…just add to the daily feed.


  • Feed 3 Scoops/day. For a hard keeper, stressed, colicing or sick horse use 3 scoops per day. A 50 lb bag will last 25 days.
  • Feed 2 Scoops/day. For maintenance or continuing a stressed horse after it has shown marked progress. A 50 lb bag will last 40 days.

Note: Keep sealed to minimize evaporative loss of ethyl alcohol and organic acids.