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SweetPro Calf Paste with ProBiotein

January 2018 – A New Scour-Support Treatment with Toxin Binders, Bringing the MOS Advantage.

SweetPro’s Calf Paste with ProBiotein® is designed to mitigate the cascade of challenges facing a young calf. The diarrhea that accompanies scours is the body’s natural response to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Calf Paste contains charcoal to bind toxins, functional proteins to combat pathogenic organisms, probiotics to seed the intestine with the appropriate population of microorganisms and ProBiotein®, a prebiotic fiber blend that provides substrates for the appropriate population of microorganisms residing in the intestine of a healthy calf. Scours can be caused by multiple organisms. SweetPro Calf Paste is designed to be a broad spectrum intervention and preventative response to the challenge of scours.

Bio-Active First Milk with ProBiotein

The Armor-Like Colostrum Replacement!.

Bio-Active First Milk is designed as a complete colostrum replacement to be given within the first hours of life to help boost energy levels and give added health coverage during stressful conditions.

  • Fortified with vitamins, minerals and lactoferrin
  • Provides 85 grams of biologically active proteins
  • Quick dispersal in one-quart warm water solution
  • Provides a high dose of energy (and density)
  • Antibodies, Pre-and Probiotics to support a healthy start

    EquiPride Gold with ProBiotein

    Prebiotic and Probiotic Support for Working and Competition Horses.

    EquiPride Gold soft chew is designed with Pro and Prebiotics to support your horse’s appetite during the stress of work & competition.

  • SweetPro Announces New Distributor for Missouri

    Columbia, Missouri – April 1, 2017
    SweetPro Feeds would like to announce a new distributor for the state of Missouri:

    Jared Royer
    Columbia, MO

    Jared is co-owner of Cattle Visions located in Clark, Missouri. Cattle Visions is a multi-breed online semen distributor that markets product across the U.S. and abroad. We are looking forward to the experience Jared has in the feed industry as well as his involvement with genetics.

    Dr. Abe Scheaffer, Ruminant Nutritionist, Joins SweetPro

    PBR Champion 2016 Bull is SweetPro's BruiserDr. Abe Scheaffer and Bob Thornberg of SweetPro Feeds

    Walhalla, North Dakota – March 2, 2017
    Harvest Fuel Inc., Walhalla, ND, doing business as SweetPro Feeds, is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Abraham Scheaffer as Director of Nutrition and Technical Services.

    Dr. Scheaffer, 46, of Sheldon, Iowa, has had a long association with SweetPro Feeds, helping the company understand and explain its unique blend of fermentation based livestock supplements. Dr. Scheaffer’s duties also include work with Harvest Fuel’s food company affiliate, Food First LLC.

    Both Food First and SweetPro Feeds specialize in fermentation products including ProBiotein, the company’s proprietary multi-prebiotic and protein source. SweetPro Feeds further specializes in the use of fermented distillers feeds as the principle carrier for its livestock supplements.

    PBR Champ Bruiser Is Having A Winning Year Photo by Justin Felisko, courtesy of PBR

    PUEBLO, COLORADO – March 13, 2017 – Joao Ricardo Vieira appeared on his way to an event-winning trip aboard Bruiser before the brown bull ripped Vieira’s rope from out underneath his left-riding hand when he jerked back toward the right at the 6.49-second mark. READ MORE

    SweetPro's Bruiser is PBR's #1 Bull of 2016

    PBR Champion 2016 Bull is SweetPro's BruiserPhoto by Andy Watson/BullStockMedia, courtesy of PBR

    Las Vegas, Nevada – November 6, 2016
    The top three PBR bulls this year – SweetPro's Bruiser owned by D&H Cattle Company, last year's champion bull SweetPro's Long John also owned by D&H Cattle Company, and Pearl Harbor owned by Chad Berger Bucking Bulls, ended in a tie for first place. SweetPro's Bruiser was given the title based on a better overall record for the year. All three bulls use SweetPro products, including SweetPro tubs, Fresh Start and EquiPride for optimum competitive performance. For the full story visit the PBR web site.

    From the PBR to Your Pasture
    by Jami Howell of Northern Ag Network

    Leon Debourt and Bob Thornberg Photo courtesy of

    Billings, Montana – April 7, 2016
    As livestock owners have become more sophisticated in their understanding of livestock nutrition and nutrient requirements, supplements have become an increasingly popular management tool to help cattle better utilize their feed particularly in the winter when the available forages are lacking needed nutrients. Supplements provide an easy method for delivering protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to their cattle. Higher molasses prices and the option of non-molasses supplement blocks are giving stock contractors and cattle ranchers a reason to reevaluate the type of supplement they use.  

    One non-molasses option is SweetPro, made from condensed distillers solubles which are higher in protein and fat than molasses, but lack the sugars that can drive down rumen pH.  A university study compared various factors for cow-calf herds feeding on forage and hay, versus herds on forage and hay plus supplements. The molasses-based supplement cost about the same per pound, and in this study, the supplement from SweetPro outscored the molasses blocks with significantly lower consumption and better herd performance. 
    But what do the livestock owners say?

    5 Time PBR Stock Contractor of the Year, Chad Berger from Mandan, ND switched over to SweetPro for his bulls last summer and he likes what he sees. “I can really tell the difference on the performance and condition of my bulls since I’ve been using it,” Berger said. “What I really like about it is that it really keeps my bulls healthy. They really muscle up on it. Keeps them fresh and their stomachs working well.”

    Berger also mentioned that he felt the bulls traveled better since they had been on the supplement. And he would know. Just since the first of the year, his bulls have traveled to Chicago, Oklahoma City, Anaheim, Sacramento, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Sioux Falls. Berger is next headed to Little Rock before he heads to Billings for the PBR rodeo on April 15-17. 

    PBR Rider Robson Palermo on Chad Berger's bull Asteroid. Photo credit

    Chad Berger with Asteroid out in the pasture. Courtesy photo provided by Chad Berger.

    Another multi-year PBR Stock Contractor Year, H.D. Page, felt it was the dramatic turn around in conception rates for his cows that sold him on SweetPro. “We went from the worst year ever, to the best year we’d ever had,” Page said. “With the heat and dryness, we just couldn’t get the cows to cycle. We went from conception rates of 65-70% to 97% bred in a single year. The only thing we changed in our program was adding SweetPro blocks.”

    Page owns the bucking bull brothers SweetPro’s Long John (2015 World Champion Bull) and Bruiser (2015 ABBI Classic Champion) who are sons of former World Finals qualifier Show Time and two daughters of 2006 World Champion Bull Mossy Oak Mudslinger. He started adding the supplement to the bulls feed a few years ago.

    Stetson Lawrence catching some airtime thanks to Bruiser, 2015 ABBI Classic Champion. Photo credit

    PBR rider Mike Lee on the 2015 World Champion Bull, SweetPro’s Long John. Photo credit 

    “It really helps them utilize their feed. Instead of 25 pounds of grain, we are seeing the same results with only 10 pounds per bull,” said Page. "We don't want them big, but want to see them fit and well muscled."  He noted that by looking at bull’s manure, he can tell if they are eating SweetPro or not by how well the grain is broken down. “Particularly with corn, they just seem to be able to utilize it better.”

    But supplements aren’t just for high powered performance animals. They can even help ranchers looking to manage the bottom line.

    Photo courtesy of Agri-Best Feeds

    Don Herzog, who ranches near Rapelje, along with his sons Courtney and Ryan, had tried several different supplements before switching to SweetPro a few years back. On his operation, cows are typically wintered in open pasture with little hay, and using a supplement to allow the cattle to make the most of the winter grass.

    “We expect a cow to go out there and make a living. We don’t feed a whole lot of hay unless we get deep snow where they can’t get to the grass,” Don said. “I’m calving a bunch of three year olds at my place right now and they haven’t had any hay all winter. We had a lot of snow in December but it blew off some on the ridges and those three year old are in excellent condition.” 

    “In the winter time we are supplementing the cow. She’s going to get enough energy out of the grass but she can’t get enough protein. The SweetPro is different than the other supplements we’ve tried over the years in that you are feeding the microbes in the rumen. If you are feeding the microbes correctly, she will digest the roughage and utilize it,” stated Don.    

    Photo courtesy of Agri-Best Feeds

    His son Courtney Herzog who ranches nearby expanded on their feeding program. “My brother Ryan and I had attended a Ranching for Profit school and we adapted pieces of their philosophy of minimal winter feeding for what we needed on our ranch. We had increased the size of our operation and needed to be able to do more with less work.” For the Herzogs, not spending all morning feeding hay was a key time saver.
    In order to minimize both the time and cost expense of feeding hay, the Herzogs stock piled enough forage during the year to be able to utilize a winter grazing program and once every 10 days they put out enough SweetPro supplement calculated to last the herd until the next delivery.

    "I'm not saying we never feed hay. We do when the snow gets too deep, but I'd rather be doing something else than feeding $150/ton hay all day every day." Courtney noted, “We try to keep our cows in good enough condition in the fall where they can afford to lose a little weight in the winter." This year with the snow deep in some places, Courtney said they did lose some weight, but by the middle of January when the snow went off, they started gaining weight again.

    Don particularly liked the results they were seeing using the non-molasses supplement with raising replacement heifers and Courtney agreed. "Breed back had been good, really good." he said.  

    Photo courtesy of Agri-Best Feeds

    “We feed supplement to our yearling heifers, actually starting before they are weaned. They will say on it, year round, until after they calve as three year olds.” As Don put it, “It’s the toughest year of their lives. They are facing a lot of physical demands as they are still growing, feeding their first calf, and we are asking them to also re-breed.” Last year he reported 99% bred on the three year olds with only one open cow, and believes their feeding program deserves some of the credit.    

    Another key aspect in choosing SweetPro was feed efficiency. "For us, it was a good selling point," Courtney said. "Range conditions can make feed efficiency hard to quantify but we did our own field trial, and put the SweetPro up against what we were using at the time. At the end of the season, we liked what we were seeing with SweetPro." Don commented, “I’m not saying it will for everybody, but it’s worked very well for our operation. There are a lot of folks who graze off all their grass during the summer and feed hay all winter. We just think that’s too expensive.”

    When asked about the role of supplement in his operation, Don said “It’s not the magic bullet, it’s a management tool that you have to use in conjunction with a lot of other things you are doing, but we wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t work well for us.” 
    (To read the article on Northern Ag Network, click here)

    Leon Dubourt Remembered

    The Grand Forks Herald published a tribute to Leon Dubourt titled "Walhalla leader Leon Dubourt remembered as humble, unselfish" which can be found at this link here.

    Leon Debourt and Bob Thornberg Leon Dubourt with SweetPro President Bob Thornberg

    SweetPro Feeds has lost a great man. Leon Dubourt, member of the Company Board of Directors since 2007, passed away Saturday, January 23, 2016 at the age of 81. Heart failure and lung cancer combined to take their toll.
    Leon was a man of extraordinary vision whose greatest business achievement was in banking, though he was also active directly in farming and various ag-related enterprises ranging from edible beans to ethanol. As owner of two banks, he joined with Choice Financial Group and participated on its board of directors as it grew past the one-billion-dollar mark.
    Leon’s involvement with Harvest Fuel, Inc., reaches back to its inception. As President of Walhalla State Bank, he assisted in financing the initial facility in Walhalla, North Dakota and subsequent expansion into Kansas. He later served on the company Advisory Committee before joining the Board of Directors. His steady hand and constant support were a crucial part of navigating many stormy seas to our current position of solid profitability and strong growth in both the established SweetPro feed business and the new Food First LLC, formed to take our ProBiotein additive to the food-grade market.

    Leon DebourtLeon and North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp

    The obituary for Leon and additional information about this great man can be viewed at this link here.

    SweetPro's Long John wins 2015 Professional Bull Riders Champion Bull in Las Vegas.

    National Angus Convention and Trade Show Photo by Andy Watson,, courtesy of PBR

    Las Vegas, Nevada – October 25, 2015
    The Professional Bull Rider's Champion Bull of the Year honors went to SweetPro's Long John, owned by D&H Cattle from Ardmore, Oklahoma. The finals were held at the Thomas & Mack Center and as reported by the PBR web site ". . . H.D. Page's bovine athlete saved his best performance of the season for his final, out of the Built Ford Tough World Finals. Long John swung to the left and battled jump for jump against Fabiano Vieira and used the same brute strength that made him a top World Champion Bull contender, to win the 2015 championship". 

    Owners Dillon and H.D. Page have been using SweetPro products for their bucking bulls for over 7 years now, with impressive results. Their bull Bruiser captured the second place finish in the PBR finals, as runner up to their top bull SweetPro's Long John. Winning the top two places at the championship is quite an achievement. But their bull Bruiser also won the American Bucking Bull Incorporated (ABBI) Classic Championship earlier this year.

    Since the mid 90s, the father and son team of Dillon and H.D. Page and their Page Bulls business that operates on 1500 acres in Oklahoma have been supplying top notch bucking bulls to the PBR events all across North America. SweetPro products have been a regular part of their program to breed and raise top performing bulls.

    Horton, Kansas – October 2, 2015
    Bob Thornberg, President and Founder of SweetPro Feeds has announced that Ryan Edelman, current General Manager of SweetPro's Horton, Kansas facility has been named Vice President of Harvest Fuel, Inc., dba SweetPro Feeds. To see the entire press release from PR Web click here.

    You Tube  Dave Thornberg of SweetPro is interviewed at the first ever National Angus Convention and Trade Show.

    National Angus Convention and Trade ShowThe American Angus Association debuted its first-ever National Angus Convention and Trade Show. SweetPro’s Dave Thornberg was on hand to join in this very successful premier event at the KCI Expo Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

    SweetPro Announces Distribution in Australia and New Zealand

    Company President Bob Thornberg announced that SweetPro has entered into a distribution agreement with Pacific Distillers Grain Solutions of Queensland, Australia, for distribution of SweetPro, EquiLix and EquiPride products in Australia and New Zealand. Parent company BBI International Australia was founded by Mike Bryan in 2006 and is part of BBI International Inc. USA, a family business owned by Mike and his sons. BBI International has been an integral part of the US ethanol industry for the past 20 years, publishing the Ethanol Producer Magazine, Distillers Grain Quarterly, and numerous other biofuels and biomass publications. Pacific distillers Grain Solutions will have full responsibility for the distribution of SweetPro, EquiLix and EquiPride products and the establishment of dealer networks throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Late-season grazing on cheatgrass: Taking one scientific step at a time. Oregon Cattlemen's Association, July 24, 2014.

    Research conducted during 2012 and 2013 in southeastern Oregon by the University of Nevada Reno, Bureau of Land Management, and the Oregon Cattlemen's Association showed how grazing cows on non-native cheatgrass saved money, reduced fuel loads to lessen fire risk and helped cattle condition when SweetPro was used. Instead of two months feeding hay at $66 per head per month, grazing on cheatgrass saved over $50 per head per month. The 2012 test of 300 head using a molasses based supplement cost $10.50 per head per month and had mixed results, with the majority of the cows experiencing slightly decreased body condition scores. The 2013 test of 400 head using SweetPro cost $6.75 per head per month and achieved improved body condition with all cows gaining weight. Click here for the full story.

    Oregon Cattlemen's Association

    Billings Gazette, December 1, 2013

    Agri-Best FeedsAgri-Best Feeds and SweetPro manufacturers talk about the expansion of thier business in Billings. Jordan Thornberg, left, and Bob Thornberg, in the gray jacket, both of SweetPro, talk with, from left, Scott Anderson, Daryl Haidle, Kevin Haidle and Sammy Higgs, all of Agri-Best.

    YouTube Video, December, 2012

    You Tube Shawn Gray talks about the cattle herd he manages and using SweetPro products, on the Live Oak Stud ranch in Ocala, Florida.

    The Cattle Division of the Live Oak Stud ranch in Ocala, Florida is managed by Shawn Gray. Shawn goes through the numbers of why SweetPro products have made a big difference for the economics of the herd he oversees.

    YouTube Video, July 13, 2012

    You Tube Texas Quarter Horse Association president Ronnie Stewart talks about EquiPride

    Ronnie Stewart, 2012 President of the Texas Quarter Horse Association (TQHA) explains how he uses EquiPride and EquiLix to help mares conceive easier, stallions to become more fertile (and restart their careers) and young horses to avoid OCD. He goes on to explain how EquiPride helps a horse to produce a good sound foot and enjoy better health.

    YouTube Video, September, 2011

    You Tube Dr. Abe Scheaffer and Bob Thornberg on Cattle Nutritional Needs

    A candid conversation with Dr. Abe Scheaffer, ruminant nutrition expert, and Bob Thornberg, president of SweetPro about what's best for cattle nutritionally. The discussion includes issues about the 2011 drought.

    Press Release - Molasses vs SweetPro Research - February 23, 2012Molasses lick blocks vs SweetPro

    A study conducted by the University of Georgia at Tifton, lead by Dr. Gary Hill in collaboration with Dr. Abe Scheaffer working with SweetPro Feeds, showed that herd performance was better on SweetPro blocks than molasses blocks, and that supplement cost was also less for SweetPro. Click the title above or the photo to link to the article, or click here to download a PDF.

    Article - "Rolling into the Forage Market" - January 16, 2012

    sweetpro in ethanol producer magazine SweetPro president Bob Thornberg is interviewed by Ethanol Producer magazine about the benefits of SweetPro lick tubs made from dried distillers grains and solubles. The discussion includes remarks about "more pounds on pasture", and SweetPro's 45% growth in 2011. Click the title above or the photo to link to the article, or click here to download a PDF.

    Press Release - Oklahoma Drought - August 29, 2011
    Oklahoma Cattle Drought
    "Oklahoma Cattle Ranchers Finding Ways to Survive Drought" - Elgin, Oklahoma - PRweb

    Oklahoma cattle ranchers have been selling off their herds in record numbers this summer, as grasses have gone dry during the 80 straight days of 100+ degree heat in this year's extended drought. But according to SweetPro Feeds, cattlemen like Ronnie Glover from Elgin, Oklahoma are maintaining their herds and looking forward to high profits in Spring, by keeping their cattle on non-molasses lick blocks made from distillers grains.

    Click here to read the Press Release about SweetPro and the Oklahoma Drought, or click to download a PDF.

    Press Release - Texas Drought - August 20, 2011
    Texas Cattle Drought
    "Can Cattle Supplements Help Ranchers During Drought?" - Hallsville, Texas - PRweb

    Texas cattle ranchers Rick Reeves and Bobby Campbell are using SweetPro supplemental lick blocks made from distillers' grains to maintain herd health during one of the worst summer droughts in history. While other ranchers have been forced to sell off cattle due to poor forage conditions, cattle operations using the supplements are holding on.

    Click here to read the Press Release about SweetPro and the Texas Drought, or click to download a PDF.

    Cody Ohl Video, July 7, 2011

    You Tube 6x PRCA Champion Cody Ohl Uses SweetPro

    6 time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association champion Cody Ohl of Hico, Texas uses SweetPro products for his prize-winning bucking bull Pure Smoke. Ohl, winner of five world tie-down roping titles and a gold all-around buckle knows a few things about bulls and bull riding.  

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    Hawaii Distribution for SweetPro, June 21, 2011
    Hawaii Distribution
    SweetPro cattle products are now being distributed in Hawaii through Animal Health International/Lextron. In one test of SweetPro, two identical cow/calf pairs were raised on side by side pastures and weaned at 8.5 months. The calf without FiberMate 18 weighed 450 lbs while the calf with the SweetPro blocks weighed 750 lbs.

    Click here to read the News Release about Hawaii Distribution for SweetPro or click to download a PDF.

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    New YouTube Video, March 30, 2011

    You Tube Aaron Ralston and Oklahoma Rancher Ronnie Glover

    Aaron Ralston of "The Ride" interviews Ronnie Glover, Oklahoma rancher and SweetPro distributor. Ronnie explains how after feeding every kind of supplement, SweetPro is his number one choice. It makes his feeding program work at peak efficiency and his bottom line profitable.  

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