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Livestock Owners Talk About SweetPro

Some of SweetPro's customers have shared their experiences of using our products in these unscripted videos captured around the country.

Smooth Operator Wins World Champion Bull Title
Congratulations to Jess Lockwood and Smooth Operator, emerging as World Champion Rider and World Champion Bull in 2019.

We at SweetPro Feeds have been, and remain delighted to be participants in this great sport and especially for the increasing numbers of participants choosing to supplement their competition animals and more importantly, their commercial and purebred herds with SweetPro Feeds. SweetPro products help the animals achieve and express their genetic potential, whether it's in competition for buckles or the top buck on sale day. Links and video courtesy of PBR.

SweetPro's Bruiser Bucks Off Cooper Davis at PBR
"His second World Champion to dispose of this weekend, SweetPro's Bruiser earned a 45.5 point bull score as he bucked off Cooper Davis to earn the YETI Built for the Wild Bull of the Event." Link, text and video courtesy of PBR.

Introduction to SweetPro Products on YouTube

Bob Thornberg, founder of SweetPro Feeds explains the advantages and differences between the various SweetPro products. Lick blocks are available for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and other livestock.

Dr. Abe Scheaffer, PhD and Bob Thornberg on SweetPro Products

Dr. Abe Scheaffer, PhD and Bob Thornberg discuss the reasons why SweetPro products made from dried distillers grains and solubles (DDGS) work so well.

SweetPro Helps Cattle and Horses Grazing on Pasture

Bob Thornberg of SweetPro Feeds, Ben Londo of California Polytechnical State University and Ted Lilly former MLB pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and LA Dodgers, talk about supplementing with SweetPro to keep their cattle and horses optimally healthy while grazing on pasture.

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