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EquiPride in 25 lb pail available for purchase online.

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Designed for all classes of horses, EquiPride® loose meal is a non-molasses complete vitamin, mineral & organic trace mineral supplement.  Using fermented ingredients as the delivery of our total nutrition, EquiPride provides fiber, fat, protein and energy that is more complementary to a herbivore’s natural diet.

EquiPride features the postbiotic yeast culture and prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®.  ProBiotein features fermentation metabolites, multiple prebiotic fibers, protein isolates and Omega 3 fatty acids.  These components help support equine digestion which contribute to better feed utilization and improved nutrient uptake.

Designed to minimize the need for a wide variety of supplements, EquiPride also supports immune system response through stimulating the horse’s digestive tract microbiome.


Just add 1 oz of the loose meal per 100 lbs of body weight.  Each bucket and bag contains a 5 oz scoop.  For most adult horses, 2 scoops per day is all they will need.  For easy keepers or for starting finicky horses, we recommend 1 scoop per day.  Performance and working horses should receive 3 scoops per day when being pushed physically.  You can top dress EquiPride to your horse’s current ration or mix with your current feed before feeding.

Available in a 25 lb pail (40 day supply at 2 scoops per day) or a 50 lb bag (80 day supply at 2 scoops per day)

EquiPride is also available with garlic.

USA Product Label and Guaranteed Analysis – EquiPride

Canada Product Label and Guaranteed Analysis – EquiPride


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