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working on the ranch, you look for reliability

An effective working ranch horse needs to be reliable and have endurance to go all day.  When selecting a supplement for your horse, you look for what they need in order to get the day’s work done.

The all-in-one supplements, EquiPride® and EquiLix® by SweetPro offers the reliability your ranch horse needs. Developed for a horse’s fiber digestive system, EquiPride® and EquiLix® use distiller dried grains with solubles “DDGS” and condensed distiller solubles “CDS” to provide complex carbohydrates for energy.  Both products also feature SweetPro’s yeast culture prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®.  Featuring fermentation metabolites, multiple prebiotic fibers (including MOS and Beta-glucan), digestive enzymes, protein isolates, and Omega 3’s, these components help support equine digestion so your horse can get the most out of its daily ration.  Each product also contains a complete vitamin and mineral program to help fill in the gaps in your horse’s diet.

Reliable horses mean ranch work gets done.  Give your horse what they need by using a reliable supplement.