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right reasons to provide the right nutrition

Today’s pleasure horses are often boarded in stalls or have limited access to pastures. They are fed in shorter time-periods on a more concentrated diet such as grain or other products high in starch. Providing the right nutrition to meet your horse’s needs, means including a supplement that supports gut health and has the right ingredients.

EquiPride® and EquiLix® are SweetPro Premium Supplement’s all-in-one products designed for your horse’s fiber digestive system. Instead of using molasses which can upset a horse’s digestive system, we use Distiller Dried Grains w/solubles (DDGs), Condensed Distiller Solubles (CDS) and flax meal to deliver protein, complex carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. All our products also include the postbiotic yeast culture and multi-prebiotic, ProBiotein®. Featuring fermentation metabolites, five prebiotic fibers (AXOS, XOS, MOS, FOS and ß-glucan), digestive enzymes, and protein isolates, ProBiotein delivers what your horse needs in order to support gut health.

Whether a day long journey or a short run around the pasture, EquiPride and EquiLix provide the Right Nutrition your horse needs so you and your trail companion can focus on the ride!