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Our Story

Our Mission

SweetPro is committed to supporting animal health, land sustainability, consumer value and producer profitability by making consistent, safe and effective products for our customers. All of our products are produced in Safe Feed/Safe Food-certified facilities and go through a rigorous quality control program to ensure you are receiving product of the highest integrity. We are dedicated to the success of our customers and meeting the expectations they have for a premium product.

Our Story

In 1991, Robert (Bob) Thornberg, founder of SweetPro® LLC, introduced the nutritionally superior aspects of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGs) along with a relatively unknown ethanol-based powerhouse by-product called condensed distiller solubles (CDS) and provided them in a format that could be utilized by beef cattle in range-feeding situations. With a background in ethanol production, Thornberg understood that cattle are four-legged fermenters. However; instead of using sugars and starches for fermentation, cattle were designed to use fiber for optimum digestion.  Along with providing a new, non-molasses option, Thornberg wanted the container to stand apart from metal half-drums and other flat-bottom containers currently in the marketplace. A common complaint was the necessity of using pallets for freight and handling. Thus, SweetPro designed and patented the fork-liftable container which is still used today and is part of our brand recognition.

Following the successful introduction of SweetPro to the beef industry, SweetPro began sales to other livestock producers. Producers with sheep, goats, elk and other multi-stomach species saw results similar to their cattle counterparts. Hay savings, better reproductive performance and improved overall herd health were supported through SweetPro’s effect on enhancing forage utilization and better nutrient intake.

Seeing the benefits SweetPro products provided cattle, many producers wondered, “could the same technology work for my horses”? This question became the genesis of SweetPro’s flagship equine products, EquiPride® and EquiLix®. Owners and professionals in all equine disciplines soon realized the performance and digestive benefits of providing high level nutrition to their animals using SweetPro’s fiber-based, no molasses products.


three keys to sweetpro’s success


Organic Complexed Minerals


ProBiotein® (Postbiotic Yeast Culture and Multi-Prebiotic)


Distillers solubles and distillers dried grains

“The digestible fiber in SweetPro helps extend the use of a pasture, whereas the sugars in molasses or starches in grain increase forage consumption”
― Abe Scheafer, Ph.D. SweetPro Nutritionist

Why Our Supplements Perform Better

SweetPro® Premium Supplements is a line of livestock products uniquely developed with no molasses and starch containing grains. We pioneered the use of DDGs and CDS to deliver nutrition that works with the animal’s digestive system. Rich with prebiotics and organic trace minerals, our products support improved forage utilization, reproductive performance and better overall animal health.

SweetPro Premium Supplements are indeed, “the Right Products for the Right Reasons.”