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SweetPro® Premium Supplements Stage of Growth and condition of forage program offers the Right Ingredients in the Right Block.

“Right Ingredients” focuses on providing protein, energy, vitamins and minerals without disrupting the cow’s digestive system from sugars and starches found in molasses and grain based supplements.  All of SweetPro block products use Distiller Dried Grains with solubles “DDGs”, Condensed Distiller Solubles “CDS”, our proprietary yeast culture prebiotic blend ProBiotein® and organic trace minerals.  These ingredients support better forage and nutrient utilization which allows cows to get what they need in order to stay in condition and realize their full reproductive potential.

“Right Block” focuses on matching the right product with the cow’s condition and forage quality.  Not all cows are created equal nor are the forages and conditions on which they are raised.  Our consumption control based program Stage of Growth allows the producer to control intake when these conditions change.  Recommended intake on our blocks is 0.75 to 1.25 lbs per head per day.  When consumption consistently exceeds a level that you are comfortable with, just move to the next harder formula.  If consumption drops below what you would like, just move to the next softer formula.  It’s as easy as that!  Our program allows you to hold consumption where you need it.  Whereas, a single product approach only works part of the time when conditions are optimal.

For most cow/calf operations, Yearling Heifers and Cows being fed readily available good quality forage should be started on and use Cattle Kandi, SweetPro 16, or FiberMate 18 up to calving and through breed back.  If forages are average or below and conditions warrant more overall nutrition, you may need to step up to FiberMate 20 or Super 25 in order to control intake.  For situations that involve a lack of forage availability and/or quality, Super 25 and Magnum will be the products of choice.

Contact your local SweetPro representative today on which product fits your operation.