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right ingredients in the right blocks

SweetPro® Premium Supplements sheep products offer the Right Ingredients in the Right Block.

“Right Ingredients” focuses on providing protein, energy, vitamins and minerals without disrupting the digestive system from sugars and starches found in molasses and grain based ingredients. Both SweetPro sheep products use Distiller Dried Grains with solubles “DDGs”, Condensed Distiller Solubles “CDS”, our proprietary yeast culture prebiotic blend ProBiotein® and organic trace minerals. These ingredients support better forage and nutrient utilization which allows your flock to get what they need in order to stay in condition and realize their full reproductive potential.

“Right Block” focuses on matching the right product with your flock’s condition and forage quality. For sheep in good condition being fed average to good forage, producers should use Sheep Formula #1. In tougher environments where forage quality and availability are issues, use Sheep Formula #2. Both formulas come in 2 sizes. A 250 lb non-returnable block for bigger flocks and 125 lb block for smaller groups.

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