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Factors Important to your stocker/backgrounding operation

Reduce Receiving Stress

Improve Forage Utilization

Grow Frame not Flesh

Herd Health


SweetPro® Premium Supplements Stage of Growth and Forage products offer the “Right Ingredients in the Right Block”.

“Right Ingredients” focuses on providing rumen friendly ingredients to your calves and stockers. All of SweetPro’s products feature the postbiotic yeast culture and multi-prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®. ProBiotein contains 5 prebiotic fibers including mannan-oligosaccharide “MOS” and postbiotic yeast. These items help get the rumen and gastrointestinal tract microbiome functioning by replenishing and feeding the good gut bacteria “Probiotics”. Organic copper, zinc, and manganese are included to help support improved immune function. All of SweetPro Stage of Growth and Forage products use Distiller Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGs) and Condensed Distiller Solubles (CDS) as the primary ingredients. Both provide a high level of by-pass protein, fat, and soluble energy to help stockers achieve Frame growth not Flesh growth.

“Right Block” focuses on matching the right product to size of the stocker and quality of the diet they are receiving. Our consumption control based program, Stage of Growth and Forage, allows the producer to control intake. Recommended intake is 0.75 to 1.25 lbs per head per day. When consumption consistently exceeds this level, just move to the next more restrictive formula. If consumption drops below, move to the next less restrictive formula.

Stocker/Backgrounders should use Starter for calves when they first arrive at your location. For the first few weeks consumption will vary depending on the size & condition of the calves and quality of forage being fed. Keep calves on Starter until they consistently consume over 1.25 lbs per head per day. When that occurs, transition the calves to Cattle Kandi and continue until they reach 1.25 lbs per head per day. At that time, go to the SweetPro 16 product.

After calves are out on pasture, continue to use the Stage of Growth and Forage blocks. Our blocks can help manage even grazing distribution in a pasture. The high levels of organic trace minerals copper, zinc, and manganese help mitigate issues with eye and hoof health. These blocks are a good barometer for pasture productivity and needs of the calves. A sudden increase in consumption is usually a good indication that pasture quality is deteriorating.

Contact your local SweetPro representative today on which product fits your operation.