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Insect Control the Natural Way

It’s summertime. Your cattle are covered with flies and ticks. Ear tags are no longer effective and spraying them everyday is becoming a hassle. Oilers and dust bags are messy and only work if the cattle use them. You could use a “feed through” treatment via your loose mineral or supplement. However, this only gets the insects that lay eggs in the manure. You wish there was an option that works on all insects, all the time, and controls them on the most critical areas of the animal. An option that external parasites can’t build an immunity to or harm the beneficial insects that are in the ground. SweetPro Premium Supplements has the product that you’ve been looking for…garlic!

The product SweetPro Premium Supplements uses is garlic that has been put through a hydro distillation process to extract out the oil which contains the insect repelling sulfides. This oil is then applied back onto dehydrated garlic granules. This process concentrates the active functional compounds and provides a high level of consistency in both strength and particle size. Standard garlic powder or garlic salt can have fluctuations in quality and consistency due to supplier, variety, where the plant is grown, and time of year harvested. 

Insect control is the primary benefit of why the garlic is in our product. Garlic works as a “repellent” and will NOT kill insects. The head, neck, backline, and tail head is where you will observe the most impact. Repellency will be influenced by level of consumption of SweetPro product as well as weather and environmental conditions. 

SweetPro Premium Supplements with Garlic is better than other external parasite options because:

  • Garlic is a natural not a chemical element. Insects cannot develop an immunity to the product.
  • Garlic is safe for dung beetles and won’t harm beneficial insects.
  • Garlic can support the reduction of facial flies which can help minimize the occurrence of pinkeye.
  • Garlic can support the reduction of flies off the backline. This can help decrease animal stress.
  • Garlic can help keep ticks off cattle which can help minimize disease vectors like anaplasmosis
  • At a pound per head per day consumption of SweetPro, you know your cattle are getting the intake for what they need.

Rolling Out Garlic