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SweetPro® Stage of Growth, Condition of Forage Program – How it Works

SweetPro® Premium Supplement’s primary goal is to support the health and performance of your cattle. Our products are designed to balance the nutritional needs of the herd which can be impacted by forage quality and availability, weather, animal age, size, and production requirements. The challenge for most operators is how do you supplement your cattle when any of the above situations change and yet be able to maintain consistency in how much your cattle consume on a daily basis? With SweetPro Premium Supplement’s consumption control program, “Stage of Growth”, “Condition of Forage”, you now have the option to deliver the nutrition your cattle need while maintaining a level of consistent intake you can depend on!

Many of our competitors believe in a one product fits some situations approach.  Meaning, some of the time consumption is on target but most of the times the cattle aren’t getting enough of what they need or they are overconsuming. At SweetPro, we believe a consumption control program approach makes more sense than chasing intake. Our Stage of Growth, Condition of Forage program is designed to deliver 0.75 to 1.25 lbs per head per day of supplement. As conditions change and intake is affected, simply move to the next product in the program to get back to where your cattle need to be.

Starter   Cattle Kandi   SweetPro 16   FiberMate 18   FiberMate 20   Super 25   Magnum

Move to the product on the right to decrease consumption

Move to the product on the left to increase consumption

When starting out, we suggest to our clients to begin with a block that encourages a higher level of intake. For the first 10-14 days, cattle will experience a loading period on the product. One of two things will occur at the end of the loading period:

  1. Cattle will begin consuming the original product as recommended and no change in product will be needed.
  2. Cattle will still be overconsuming product and a change in product will be recommended based on the current level of intake.

After acceptable intake is achieved, stay on the formula as long as intake doesn’t change. If intake does increase/decrease, just adjust to the next product in the program to maintain proper intake levels. 

Quality and availability of forage are typical factors that influence intake. Most producers use two products for their operations. One primary product which works in most circumstances and another when intake increases. However, if extreme conditions occur (i.e. extended drought) you may need to have a third option available to hold intake. Consult your local SweetPro rep on which product mix will work for your situation!