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Powered by ProBiotein

Probiotein® is a unique digestive-aid blend, proprietary to SweetPro® Premium Supplements, the makers of EquiPride® and EquiLix®. ProBiotein, is designed to power your horse’s digestive system with natural ingredients that result in a healthy, high performing horse.

Probiotein consists of:

  • Yeast – The yeast in Probiotein, cultured on a media of wheat, oats, barley malt and flax, is rich in biotin and other nutrients to aid digestion.
  • Pre-biotics, also known as oligosaccharides feed the beneficial probiotic bacteria, are a key part of the ProBiotein additive. These prebiotics help maintain good digestive tract health.
  • Enzymes, the catalysts of digestion are included in a fibrinolytic, amylolytic & proteolytic array to assist fiber, protein and mineral utilization.
  • Flax helps in many ways. The oil is dense energy which is high in Omega 3 fatty acid content. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid often missing in modern diets. Flax is also among the richest sources of lignans, which help improve immune function.

Organic complexed minerals are featured. Zinc, copper and manganese are complexed, or bound to protein instead of other minerals, assuring high bioavailability.