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Q. How is a 20-20% forage reduction possible by feeding my horse EquiPride® or EquiLix®?

A. When the horse’s G.I. tract and the gut micro flora (digestive microbial populations) are kept in an optimum condition, the result is improved feed efficiency which equates to improved nutrient utilization. Feeding EquiPride or EquiLix supplement means improved feed efficiency and thus less expense for your in total feed costs.


Q. What is the strong odor when I open a pail of EquiPride?

A. The ingredients found in the supplement are alcohol based and by-products of the distillers grain process. This wine-like odor is from the alcohol remaining in the product. Removing all the alcohol during the manufacturing process would result in:

1) Loss of the dense energy provided from the alcohol

2) Distilling the alcohol our of the supplement would require very high temperatures that would stop the enzymatic activity, due to the required cooking of the enzymmes at a high temperature.


Q. What is the impact of digestive enzymes? Can they be destroyed by the stomach acids?

A. Enzymes simply pass through the stomach and thus they are not destroyed in that process.


Q. My horse is a picky eater? What options do I have?

A. You may want to gradually adjust your horse to EquiPride. Add a small amount to their feed and slowly increase this over a two-week period. Another option is EquiLix PI. This lick block is specially formulated for horses who are picky eaters.


Q. Is EquiPride and EquiLix safe for pregnant mares?

A. Yes. Both supplement options can be fed to pregnant mares. The supplement will increase your horse’s ability to digest their forages and rations and as a result, this will keep their body weight up both during gestation and during lactation.


Q. How do I know how much my horse will consume of the lick blocks, EquiLix?

A. The EquiLix block allows horses to choose when and how much their bodies need, on a daily basis. Consumption will vary depending on the horse’s needs, time of year and quality of forage they have access to. Additional consumption variables may be weight, health, injuries/illness, exercise level, breeding mares/stallions, nursing mothers, growing babies and many other issues that place demands on the horse’s body. We expect most horses to consume 1-1.25 lbs/per hd/day on average. Don’t be alarmed if it takes 30-60 days for your horse to level out on consumption. You may feed EquiLix with just hay or continue with your feeding regime and provide the EquiLix for anything additional your horse may need.


Q. Is EquiLix weather resistant?

A. Yes. EquiLix is weather resistant and may be placed outside if need be. Simply spray it off if it gets soiled. Place the lick away from the water source so that horses walk to the water source and share the lick with other animals. Watch your water tank. Horses will consume more water using this product which also aids in digestion.