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Dry Cow Calver-Breeder

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SweetPro® Dry Cow/Calver-Breeder Blocks are designed for essential fortification of dry cow requirements for vitamins A, D & E, protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace elements including selenium. Dry Cow Calver-Breeder blocks feature high vitamin E and low NaCl salt with anionic emphasis. 1,100 IU/lb (2,425 IU/kg) of vitamin E in combination with selenium (8 ppm) support body immune defenses calving, clean-up and rebreeding. SweetPro® blocks have a solid magnesium profile and limited sodium chloride salt. Instead, the emphasis is anionic salts. Use of the anionic salts (ammonium and calcium sulfate) shifts the dietary cation-anion balance in a more anionic or negative direction to support lower blood and urine pH, increased calcium absorption and higher blood calcium levels. Dry COW Calver-Breeder also includes the postbiotic yeast culture and multi-prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®.

USA Product Label with Guaranteed Analysis – Dry Cow Calver-Breeder

Canada Product Label with Guaranteed Analysis – BreedMate


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Beef Production

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