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Mineral EX is the perfect fit for summer grazing when protein levels in grass are meeting the needs of your cows, yet you want to be sure they are receiving the vitamins and minerals needed in order to support herd health and performance.  In an easy to use and weather resistant lick block format, Mineral EX has all the benefits of SweetPro® Premium Supplement’s organic trace mineral program along with our yeast culture prebiotic blend; ProBiotein®.   For cows, intake will average 2-4 oz/hd/day on pasture that is in fair to good condition.  Intake will increase to 4-8 oz/hd/day for cows in dry lot settings or grazing on dormant forages.

CAUTION: Contains 2100 ppm copper • DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP • Do not use in association with another feed containing supplemental selenium.

USA Product Label with Guaranteed Analysis – Mineral EX


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  • Seedstock

Beef Production

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