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Why SweetPro Premium Supplements?


SweetPro® Premium Supplements are created with the belief of providing supplemental nutrition to your fiber-digesting animals with ingredients that won’t disrupt their digestive system. In most situations, ruminants and horses utilize fiber-based forages as their primary source of nutrition. Bacteria in the rumen for cattle and the cecum for horses are designed to breakdown forages into nutrition that can be utilized by the host animal. The health and productivity of these bacteria is key to supporting optimum digestion. Stress on the animal either physically or through a diet containing sugar or starch can compromise the bacterial environment creating an imbalance of the bacteria population. This altering of the optimum balance can influence the health and productivity of bacteria leading to lower digestibility and nutrient utilization of the host animal’s overall diet.

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Fiber and other gut bacteria-friendly ingredients help support a ruminant’s and horse’s ability to efficiently digest their forage-based diets. SweetPro Premium Supplements use digestive-friendly ingredients Distiller Dried Grains w/solubles “DDGs” and Condensed Distiller Solubles “CDS” as the primary ingredients in all our products. These two ingredients are by-products from the ethanol making process where starch-based grain is fermented by yeast. By removing starch, the remaining protein, fat, fiber, and other nutrients are enhanced. We take the DDGs and CDS and combine them with minerals, vitamins and the postbiotic yeast culture & multi-prebiotic blend ProBiotein® to deliver a broad spectrum of supplemental nutrition to your animals.

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SweetPro Premium Supplement products don’t use collective term ingredients like “processed grain by-products”, “plant protein products” or “roughage products” in any of our formulas.  Each ingredient used in all our formulas is clearly identified in the ingredient deck on the label.  No collective terms, no smoke and mirrors, just consistent premium nutrition your animals can depend on every day of the year.

Thank you for considering SweetPro Premium Supplements for your herd or horse’s nutritional needs. We look forward to providing you a high quality product in a consistent and easy to understand way that helps maximize your animal’s full genetic potential. Now that’s the Right Products for the Right Reasons!