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SweetPro® Stage of Growth and Condition of Forage cattle product, Magnum, is typically used for cows that are in below average body condition and being fed poor quality forage both in a range or dry lot setting.  Magnum helps balance a cow’s needs for overall nutrition when protein and quality of the diet start to decline.  Magnum supports the animal’s ability to breakdown forages for maximum nutrient uptake all while decreasing the amount of forage required to do so.

If consumption on Super 25 consistently exceeds 1.25 lbs per head per day, transition to Magnum to bring intake back into 0.75 to 1.25 lbs per head per day consumption.

Magnum contains a complete vitamin and organic trace mineral package, the postbiotic yeast culture and multi-prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®, and all the benefits of SweetPro’s fermented blend of Condensed Distiller Solubles “CDS” and Distillers Dried Grains with solubles “DDGs”.

Magnum is available with garlic.

USA Product Label with Guaranteed Analysis – Magnum

Canada Product Label with Guaranteed Analysis – Magnum


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