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SweetPro® PowerMate blocks are an all natural supplement with diatomaceous earth designed for essential fortification of cows, stocker cattle and goat requirements for vitamins A, D & E, plus protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace elements including selenium. Daily intake will vary depending on forage quality and nutritional needs.

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PowerMate by SweetPro® Premium Supplements is our free choice lick block for goats and beef cattle grazing or being fed fair to good quality forages.  PowerMate blocks focus on providing protein, energy, vitamins and minerals without disrupting the digestive system from sugars and starches found in molasses and grain based ingredients. We use digestive friendly Distiller Dried Grains with solubles “DDGs”, Condensed Distiller Solubles “CDS”, the postbiotic yeast culture and multi-prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®, and organic trace minerals. These ingredients support better forage and nutrient utilization which allows your animals to get what they need in order to stay in condition and realize their full reproductive potential.

PowerMate is available with garlic.

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